In recent weeks as the coronavirus outbreak continues to climb up rapidly in many areas, the appeal to wear face masks has intensified from health experts to the public. As per the studies by the health care researchers, a mask is a powerful tool that can help to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Maximum Safety

Ensuring maximum safety with 5 layered structure

Elastic Ear Loops

Soft elastic ear loops to guarantee a perfect fit


N95 facemask is designed to fit over the face of the wearer to provide respiratory protection ensuring that it filters at least 95% of airborne particles.

2PU N95 Face Mask


Important Things To Follow

How to put on an N95 Mask on your face?

  • Clean your hands properly with soap or hand sanitizer before touching the  mask.
  • Place it properly on your face ensuring that it covers your nose and mouth .
  • Hold the ear loops on each side of the mask and place each loop around your ear
  • Don’t touch the mask repeatedly  after wearing it.

How to remove this N95 Mask Face Mask?

  • Wash your hands properly with sanitizer or soap  before you take off the N95 Mask
  • Avoid touching the outer layer or front side of the mask
  • Unhook both ear loops by only touch the ear loops.
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