As states resurrect from stay-at-home orders, it is now quite essential for people to wear face coverings or masks in most public spaces to lessen the spread of COVID-19.  Health experts across the globe are saying that the substantiation is obvious that masks can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What is a 3 ply Mask?

A 3 ply face mask is the appropriate surgical mask that consists of three layers. This is designed to offer protection while breathing. This type of mask filters out all unnecessary participles like dusts, pollutants, chemicals, and microbes from the air as they may spread infection or germs etc.

This type of mask has 3 layers with each layer having very specific and distinct functionalities. The external layer is a hydrophobic layer that can resist water, blood or any kind of body fluids. The middle layer is the most important layer. It is intended to filter bacteria and water droplets. And the last layer is lastly, an inner hydrophilic layer. This is designed to absorb water, sweat and spit coming out from the face.

These masks are unisex and are made from good quality inner and outer Spunbound material ensuring utmost comfort and easy breathability, even when worn for long hours.

These 3 plymasks are biodegradable, lightweight and super soft having a soft elastic ear loops to keep the mask in place. This type of face mask is very useful to reduce the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria.


  • Ensuring maximum safety with triple layered structure
  • Inner and outer layer is made up of soft Spunbound material with 25 GSM
  • Filter layer made up of melt blown material with 25 GSM
  • Unisex mask, both men & women can wear
  • Soft elastic ear loops to guarantee perfect fit
  • Easily disposable and bio degradable
  • Can be used at home, in office, during traveling or walking
  • Gives potent shield against dust, germs and airborne contaminants

How to put on a 3 Ply Face Mask on your face?

  • Clean your hands properly with soap or hand sanitizer before touching the mask
  • Identify which side of the mask is the top and place it accordingly on your face
  • Hold the ear loops on each side of the mask and place each loop around your ear
  • Pull the bottom of the 3 layer mask over your mouth and chin ensuring the mask fits properly
  • Don’t touch the mask repeatedly once after wearing it.

How to remove this 3 Ply Face Mask?

  • Wash your hands properly with sanitizer or soap or sanitize your hand before you take off the mask
  • Avoid touching the outer layer or front side of the mask
  • Unhook both ear loops by only touch the ear loops and remove it.
  • After removing the mask, dispose or it and wash your hands thoroughly.