About Us – 2PU

2PU Surgicals Private Limited is one of the foremost manufacturers, exporters, and distributors of daily clinical care essentials for healthcare professionals and for the common man. Our objective is to provide high-quality healthcare essentials to our people at a very affordable cost. We have the mission to make our country self-sufficient in healthcare products.

Besides research and work in the medical field, to deal with this global problem the main health measures being taken in the workplace and at home involve the establishment of safety protocols, including distance measures, hygiene, and the use of personal protective equipment. Taking into consideration the need and shortage of these rudiments, we have come forward to manufacture all COVID care essentials to meet the demand. Our products include-

  • Surgical masks
  • 2PLY masks
  • 3PLY masks
  • 6 layer masks
  • N95 masks
  • KN95 masks
  • Sanitizer
  • PPE kits
  • Coveralls
  • Shoe cover
  • Surgical gloves
  • Face shields
  • Medical and surgical equipment
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Waste management products
  • Healthcare products, hospital furniture, medicine pharmaceutical, and surgical structures, etc.

Since our inception, we have emerged as the leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, trader, and retailer, and have contributed endlessly to meet industrial standards. To make sure that our products meet all customer needs, we focus on consistent growth and performance. Here at 2PU Surgicals Private Limited, we have chosen skilled employees and have trained them with faultless knowledge and skill to execute the manufacturing work appropriately. We have segmented our manufacturing units into multiple departments to handle different tasks effectively. Taking into consideration the need and the necessity of our products, we produce in bulk and deliver it to our customers on time with high quality. We never compromise on quality as it is meant to gain higher customer satisfaction.


  • To protect you
  • Provide high quality healthcare products at a very affordable price.
  • Make our country self sufficient in healthcare essentials.
  • Bring innovative healthcare products to market to make our people healthy and provide them a better quality of life.
  • Create more jobs for our local people.


  • To become the leading manufacturer of healthcare products in India.
  • To become a top health care brand in the country.
  • To be the most TRUSTED brand in the domestic & International market.