The primary manner of the novel coronavirus spreads from person to person is by respiratory droplets formed when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. However, these face masks play a vital role in blocking these droplets to reach you. They act as a barrier between virus-containing particles and your nose or mouth.

Maximum Safety

Ensuring maximum safety with 5 layered structure

Elastic Ear Loops

Soft elastic ear loops to guarantee a perfect fit


This N95 Respirator is expressly designed respirator face mask, and act as preeminent respiratory protective equipment with high filtration efficiency to obstruct contaminated airborne particles. These masks are specially designed to achieve a very close fit to your face to provide the necessary air seal. This face mask has an air valve that lets the air out after exhaling making it more comfortable to use by prevents moisture and fogging under the nose-bridge and eyes.

2PU-N95 Respirator Face Mask


Things You should know before using N95 Respirator Mask

How to put on an N95 Respirator Mask on your face?

  • Clean your hands properly with soap or hand sanitizer before touching the  mask
  • Place it properly on your face ensuring that it covers your nose and mouth properly.
  • Hold the ear loops on each side of the mask and place each loop around your ear
  • Don’t touch the mask repeatedly once after wearing it.

How to remove?

    • Wash your hands properly with sanitizer or soap or sanitize your hand before you take off the mask.
    • Avoid touching the outer layer or front side of the mask
    • Unhook both ear loops by only touch the ear loops and remove it.
    • After removing the mask wash it thoroughly using a sanitizer or soap and sundry it Or dispose it in the dustbin and wash your hands carefully using hand sanitizer.
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